A stunning view of Bethells Beach from the top of hills south of the beach

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Activities at Bethells Beach

Bethells Beach offers a slice of un-spoilt paradise where you can choose what you would like to do. Everything from the adrenalin rush of a chartered helicopter flight to a quiet walk along the breathtaking sands of the beach. Come and immerse in nature and serenity.

Black helicopter taking off from Bethells Beach lawn

Helicopter Flights

Whirly birds are a fairly common site in this area. Not only is the coastline and surrounding area a stunning place to fly, there’s quite often a film shoot in progress with an accompanying helicopter capturing the action from above.

If you’d like to experience Auckland city from 5,000 feet above sea level then this is the way to do it. We have three landing pads on the property so all you have to do is step out of your cottage and into the comfort of a new Bell Jet Ranger and you’re off on the ride of a lifetime. Learn More



Bethells Beach has some of the best surf on the west coast. According to the locals, who incidentally happen to be a friendly bunch of guys and girls, there’s a few breaks to choose from.

There are nice rights off the point at the southern end of the beach, and lefts and rights off the left hand side of the “Island”, depending on the swell direction and the tide.

Follow the track over the hill at the northern end of the beach and you’ll come to O’Neils. It’s a left and right hand break that operates off the point at the southern end of the beach. Under four feet it’s a fun wave. Much bigger than that and it’s like jumping off a building.

If you’re keen to explore, neighbouring west coast beaches KareKare, Piha and Muriwai offer more waves and are all within 30 minutes' drive.



You’ll have a fun swim at both Bethells Beach and neighbouring O’Neils Beach, especially if waves are your thing. In the summer months there’s a surf patrol operating at Bethells but in the winter they close up shop and you’re on your own.

If you prefer calmer swimming, Wainamu Lake (Check when open) is just a 40 minute walk from the cottages and it’s one of the nicest places to swim in the entire country. And we’re not biased in anyway…!


Mental Wellbeing Walks

For those who prefer their exercise to be a little more sedentary why not try a mental walk? Simply pull up a chair and allow your mind to transport you to those hard to reach places you can see from the comfort of your sun deck.

You’ll be amazed as you roam up hill and down dale without breaking a sweat or moving a muscle.

If by chance you do become a little weary, just switch off your thinking mind and remain where you are. In no time at all you’ll find yourself in the here and now, connected to nature and at one with all of creation.

The views from this place are stunning and you’ll find yourself feeling expanded and refreshed in no time at all.


Local Attractions

There’s plenty of local area attractions but some of them prefer to remain anonymous. The ones that we can recommend are:

  • Crystal Mountain
  • Gannet colony near Muriwai