Bethells Beach History

Community and Continuity: The Bethell Family's Legacy at Auckland’s Bethells Beach

May 13, 2024

By Fiona Stephen
The history of Bethells Beach and its community is not just a story of early settlers but also a testament to the ongoing commitment of the Bethell family and their extended community. This legacy of care and support for local initiatives continues with the significant contributions made by Trude Bethell and her family towards the local surf life saving club, a cornerstone of community safety and engagement.

In the 1960s, Trude's father and brother, along with herself, this year, became honorary life members of the club, a recognition of their substantial support since the club's inception. This deep connection was solidified when Mrs Shirley and Mr John Bethell gifted the first clubhouse to the club in the 1960s, marking the beginning of a long-standing relationship between the Bethell family and the surf lifesaving community.

Christine Bethell was deeply committed in her work for the surf club through her years of committee work and dedication. Her happy and giving personality inspired many.

The relationship deepened in 1970 when the Bethell family expressed their intention to gift half an acre of land to the club, a gesture documented in a letter that highlights the family's dedication to supporting local endeavours. This gift was planned to be instrumental in supporting the club's activities and growth. However to this day the club lease land for the clubhouse.

Moreover, the wider Bethell family, including members of the Worley and Gardner families, have been involved from the outset, demonstrating a community-wide commitment to the club. Trude's parents played a crucial role in supporting the clubhouse's relocation to its current location, further aiding the club in expanding its reach and effectiveness.

In addition to these contributions, Trude and her husband John organised a fundraiser at the Bethells Beach Cottages that successfully raised $2,500 for the club's gear room, exemplifying their ongoing commitment to nurturing and supporting local community initiatives.

This rich history of support and engagement by the Bethell family and their extended kin not only underscores their commitment to community welfare but also enriches the heritage of Bethells Beach, making it a place where history and community spirit thrive hand in hand.


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